The Zephyr Ion is a desktop vaporizer with a unique, robust design to vaporize dry herbs.

Designed by an artist, its durable and solid body is like a work of art and combined with advanced technology, it produces the purest vapor and comes with both whip and balloon functions making it great for individual use or groups.

The Ion’s unique structure is designed for single hand operation. Its neck provides a good grip for easy carrying just in case. While its chamber is easy to fill single handedly and comes with a handle to keep hands away from the hot parts.

It is made with state of the art technology and high quality food grade materials, that aim to remove impurities and provide only the purest flavorful vapor from every draw.

Zephyr Ion is the only vaporizer to utilize food grade silicone and Teflon for all plastic parts, that come in contact with the vapor.

With a ceramic heating element that has 32 air channels surrounding heating coils, it ensures no air touches any metal part, while heating is going on. It comes with custom-designed valve that puts a tight seal around the bag, while it is being filled to prevent vapor loss. And with a

And with a stopper that can be activated with a push of a button, no vapor is escaping the bag once filled.

The Ion is very easy to use. Simply plug in, switch it ON, load up with your favorite dry materials and in less than three (3) minutes, it is ready to fill your first bag.

Not to forget is its time saving feature of auto-memory, that stores your last used temperature and air pump element, which is one of the fastest and efficient in the market today. It is also equipped with an LCD display to show the temperature as you are having your session.

And with a heavy-duty 10-foot long cord, it allows you to operate the Ion in any setting conveniently.

While cleaning some desktop vaporizers can be a big ordeal, cleaning the Ion is not. With an average use, you may clean it at least once every three (3) months. And with few moving parts, a thorough cleaning won’t take that long.

So if you are looking around for a unique desktop vaporizer without the hefty price tag, but still wants to enjoy that pure, high quality vapor sensation, the Zephyr Ion is a champ. It is unrivaled when it comes to design, ease of use, vapor purity, and value.

All of that is backed by a two (2) year warranty for your peace of mind.

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