Looking more of a medical inhaler than a vaporizer, you’re gazing at the most discreet portable vaporizers in the market today - the PUFFiT portable vapes.

Made by Discreet Vapes, the PUFFiT product range comes in an inhaler design for total discreteness, while out and about, as you enjoy a good puff from your favorite dry blend.

Packed with high-tech features, surely there’s one PUFFiT below for you.

Let’s check out what these vapes can offer…

The PUFFiT 2 portable vaporizer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around with you. It comes with an advanced thermal alloy heating chamber, that contributes to an effective vapor production along with four (4) optimized heat settings.

If you’re someone who finds it hard to keep track of the heating time, then PUFFiT 2 will buzz when it’s ready for you to vape. A built in stir tool allows you to stir your dry blend inside the chamber without opening, to ensure an even heat distribution.

And if you left it idle for a couple of seconds, it goes into auto sleep as a safety feature and to save on battery.

With a modular design for every main component of the device, this gives you the option to carry a spare battery to avoid downtime, even when you are out and about. And with a battery level indicator, you will know when it’s time to change or charge the battery.

Meanwhile, the PUFFiT X portable vaporizer is the first to have an advanced forced air system, that drives hot air into the chamber which effectively produces that great fresh vapour out of your favorite blend.

It comes with a gold plated heating element, that is controlled by a microprocessor, which in turn monitors and regulates the temperature inside the chamber when needed at 100 times per second. This mechanism ensures the right temperature for your dry materials during your session for a consistent vapor quality.

Unlike the PUFFiT 2, the X comes with eight (8) preset heat settings and a built-in eight (8) level fan speed to help facilitate vapor flow. With the same internal stir tool, you can mix the herbs inside the chamber, without having to open it.

Another awesome feature of the PUFFiT X is its quick heating technology, that makes the device ready for use in less than a minute. A silicone heat shield for the top cap ensures heat is contained inside the unit while keeping the outside cool to the touch.

There you got it a quick overview of what the PUFFiT portable vaporizers have to offer. So if you are after a totally discreet vape, then take the PUFFiT with you.

Who would raise an eyebrow when you use it even in public!

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