Doing away from the norm to offer a vaping option without the hassle of power cords and batteries, Oglesby & Butler, a leading manufacturer of butane powered tools developed the first butane powered vaporizer in 2008.

This paved the way for the Iolite Original portable vaporizer and later on the Iolite WISPR 2. A popular choice among campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.  

Now, you wonder why Butane? Isn’t it highly flammable?

Well, Butane is a perfectly safe gas material if used correctly.
Infact, Oglesby & Butler has been making butane powered products since 1984. Further to that, some of the everyday products that we use also contain Butane like shaving foam, aerosol and cleaners.

The Iolite product range takes away the trouble of dangling power cords and worst no electricity. A full tank can last you around two (2) hours or more. It utilizes a patented heating system, where a central pin inside the heating unit heats up simultaneously along with the chamber.

This process provides an even heating of the materials inside the chamber, that in turn delivers a consistent, smooth, flavorful vapor from start to end of your session.

Looking like a hand held radio is the Iolite Original. Its ergonomic design allows users to have a good grip of the device. Heating time is 45 seconds to a minute and reaches an optimum temperature of 190°C (375°F). Available in eight (8) vibrant colours to suit your style.

With vapers becoming more and more discriminating in terms of style and look, Oglesby & Butler developed the new WISPR 2, looking fun and funky. Made with bigger chamber, so you are all set for group sessions with an optimum temperature of 210°C (410°F), that is reached within 30 seconds (Quite fast eh!).

A flexible rubber mouthpiece is a cool feature, as it won’t break easily when you are in the great outdoors enjoying the view while vaping. The viewing window is also a handy addition, so you can monitor how much butane you have left with your WISPR 2.

So, if you are one of those who love to vaporize, but don’t want to be confronted with broken power cords, empty batteries and no electricity, the Iolite Original and WISPR 2 are perfect choices.

Made with a durable housing using a very high quality, sturdy plastic material called Ultem, that is odourless and heat resistant.
The Iolites are perfect vapes when exploring the great outdoors.  

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