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Experience diversity in your vaping sessions with the Haze Dual Chamber Herbal Vaporizer.

The one and only product made by Haze technologies, this device is a masterpiece with only the user experience and satisfaction in mind.

It is the first of its kind with its dual chamber, your choice of either conduction or convection heating methods when vaporizing your favorite materials, which can be dry herbs, wax, liquids or oil. These features provide you with a lot of options to experiment vaporization in just one device.

With the dual chamber, you can vaporize two different materials at the same time, so you can switch between the two during a session. You can enjoy different aromas and flavors in one session just like having a meal. Discover the perfect combination of aromas that satisfies your cravings. Now that sounds like vaping to a different level!

So how is this possible?

Haze comes with two (2) chambers and with two (2) chamber canisters that can be preloaded with your favorite materials. These cans also help to keep the chamber clean.

With the use of specially designed screens, you can choose your preferred heating method - convection or conduction. And with a patented heat exchange system you get a cool vapor sensation, no matter how much you inhale every time.

You also have a choice of using a stainless steel or a glass mouthpiece with an adjustable height option. Use the lever on top to switch between materials. That easy!

And what’s more, each chamber can be heated at different temperature with its four (4) preset temperature levels which is not influenced by any environmental factors like air pressure, altitude or the outside temperature.

The Haze also comes with replaceable batteries. Spare batteries come in handy, especially when you are out and about, to continually enjoy longer sessions. Just make sure you have purchased extra batteries to keep you vaping.

Built with stainless steel, this device is well-constructed, sturdy and definitely built to last with a massive 10-year warranty backed by the manufacturer. Made in the USA to high standards to ensure safety and peace of mind.

In today’s competitive vape market, versatility plays a big part to take your vaping experience to a new level. It’s time to get your hands on the Haze Dual Chamber Portable Vaporizer. And experience the Haze versatility.

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