New to the VapeFuse product range is the FocusVape portable vaporizers.

Fueled by a mission to deliver a premium but affordable vaporizer with cutting-edge technology to achieve a goal of providing a healthy alternative to smoking, iFocus Technology invested on R&D and the development of vaporizers solely dedicated to vaporizing dry materials. Combining research, customer feedback and innovative ideas come FocusVape portable vaporizers.  

The FocusVape product range is equipped with the latest technological advancements including an optimized ceramic convection chamber, different heat levels, vibration indicator and an external battery that can easily be replaced, so you can have your dose anytime anywhere.

FocusVape product range comes in two (2) models:

The regular FocusVape comes with six (6) temperature settings, as can be seen just above the power button. Operated by a single multi-function button, making it easy to use and handy for quick vape breaks.

Meanwhile, looking chic with a leather covering is the FocusVape Premium Pro. It stands out with an OLED screen and a full temperature range from as low as 80℃ (176℉) to as high as 240℃ (464℉).
With a heating time of less than a minute and smart memory technology that, stores the previous set temperature, this saves you time on waiting and setting the temperature. 

Most of all, it comes complete with a Glass Bubbler that enhances vaping experience by adding moisture to the vapor before it reaches your system. This way the vapor is way smoother and cooler that doesn’t irritate the throat, especially if you are sensitive when it comes to vaping dry herbs.

Both FocusVape and FocusVape Premium Pro comes with glass mouthpieces for a cleaner draw experience and an isolated air path with a first of its kind Dial Ring Airflow control system.

An added convenience is the Micro USB charging option. This feature allows you to charge the battery inside the unit.
The device is also equipped with a software that restricts use when battery is indicating low, that is when a red LED light displays in the FocusVape or when battery hasn’t reached one bar yet with the FocusVape Premium Pro. But once the red light turns green or battery has reached one bar the vaporizer can be used again which shouldn’t take long.

And like any other portable vaporizers, FocusVape product range comes with auto sleep feature after five (5) minutes of use to save on battery and to avoid over toasting your dry blend.

So have you found your Focus? Why not check out these cool portable vapes below and enjoy the extra convenience of a hassle-free vaping experience.

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