Dual (Whip&Balloon)

Balloon or Whip? Which one should it be?

Well, if you haven’t tried either way, that can be a difficult aspect to decide on when choosing a desktop vaporizer, especially if it's going to be your first one.

Now let’s look closely...

A balloon method of inhalation uses a food grade high-quality plastic made of polyester bag with one end closed or tied up while the other end has an adapter, that can be connected to the heated chamber.

And with the use of fan, hot air goes through the materials to release the vapor and fills the plastic until it’s full. With this setup, a user has the mobility to enjoy the vapor as he wishes. The filled up balloon bag can be detached from the device and consumption can be done at your convenience, comfortably without having to carry that heavy desktop vaporizer.

Another advantage of using the balloon method is you can be sure that you will be inhaling a cooler vapor, which can be stored in the balloon bag up to 10 minutes or so.

Whether you take a quick or slow draw from the balloon bag, vapor density will remain the same. But if you are too impatient to wait for the balloon to get filled up then a whip method will be your best option.

Whip vaporizing is the traditional method of inhalation and the most common among desktop vapers.

This setup utilizes a long tube, made of food grade plastic or silicone and through an adapter gets connected to the chamber. With the whip tube, an internal fan is not necessary as you inhale directly from the tube, that is connected to the chamber and as you take a draw hot air is pulled through the materials and releases the vapor.

With a direct inhalation through the whip, you have full control on the vapor density. A quick draw produces lesser hit but if you want a higher vapor density, then inhale slowly. This can take practise until you find the pace that works best for you to fully enjoy the flavours of your material.

Still undecided? Then that’s not a problem. In today’s innovative age and cutting edge technology, anything is possible.

Experience the best of both worlds with a dual system desktop vaporizer. These devices allow the user to use either a whip or a balloon so you can decide for yourself which method works best for you.

A dual system would make a perfect first desktop vaporizer. For one, you get to try both methods of inhalation and second, our dual systems below are well-priced and budget friendly and made by the leading vape manufacturers to ensure quality and user satisfaction.

Now it’s time to make a move, check out our versatile dual system desktop vaporizers below and enjoy FREE Shipping.

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