Owning a Desktop vaporizer is a vaper’s ultimate dream…

It is big, powerful, comes with unprecedented vapor production and with a higher price tag!

With that being said, choosing a Desktop vaporizer is a serious matter and here at VapeFuse we would like to help you in finding the right one for you so you get your money’s worth.

We selected and carry only the highest quality desktop vaporizers from the leading manufacturers to give you only the best options. These are devices that we’ve researched and rate highly that will truly deliver that exceptional powerful vapor sensation that you are looking for.

Desktop units come with a sophisticated heating technology being bigger and need to be connected to a power source. With filling chambers that are larger, it requires less refills when vaping with a group.

Whether you are looking for whip, balloon or both methods of inhalation in a desktop vaporizer, we got you covered.

And if you love vaporizing with friends, we have something for you. Or if you love to fill your home with great aroma from essential oils as much as vaping, we got you covered with something that offers both.

Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in the desktop category…

Arizer Extreme Q Digital

  • This device was recently updated and made even better by its Canadian maker Arizer. It now comes with a triple heat sensor for faster heating and much quieter fan operation
  • With both whip and balloon inhalation functions as well as oil diffusing glass bowl, the Extreme Q is a versatile device to fulfill your aromatherapy needs. 
  • Not to forget, this unit comes with a lifetime warranty for the ceramic heating element and three (3) years for the whole unit against quality and defects.

VapirRise2.0 Ultimate

  • The only desktop vaporizer made by Vapir of Southern California. 
  • It comes with a convenient touch pad for operating the unit and offers precise temperature control to vaporize both dry herbs or essential oils. 
  • Choose from nine (9) fan speed levels or you can also choose to turn it off when using the device.
  • A HEPA filter in the base of the unit ensures clean air and pure vapor production.

Volcano Digit & Classic

  • Made by the famous German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, these devices are the gold standard in desktop vaporization
  • Both utilising balloon inhalation, the Digit comes with a large LCD screen showing the temperature that can be controlled by + & - buttons while the Classic uses a knob to control the temperature.
  • These devices were made to last a long time with a solid construction and a high performance heating cartridge and temperature fuse.

Arizer V-Tower

  • Whip style vaporizer with digital display and precise temperature control.
  • With a cyclone bowl, unique to Arizer desktop vaporizers, this allows an even flow of air through the material resulting to an effective vaporization.
  • It comes in a stainless steel housing giving it a shiny stylish look.


  • This is another Storz & Bickel creation with a unique design like a power tool. 
  • Uses an analogue thermometer for the actual temperature of the filling chamber.

Zephyr Ion

  • Balloon style vaporizer with unique filling baskets.
  • Artistic design with large LCD digital display and adjustable temperature settings.
  • Comes with auto shut off mechanism.

With desktop vaporizers, vaporizing has never been better, whether you are just at the beginner level or well advanced level. There’s one device for you below that will best suit your need and budget.

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