Crave Vapeware

Satisfy you vapor cravings with the NEW Crave Vapeware Portable Vaporizers.

Straight from Melbourne, Australia, the Crave vapes are affordable, high-quality devices, that can deliver.

Utilizing a motion sensor and auto cooling technology, the device is a first of its kind. It is also 'buttonless' on the outside, that makes you wonder at a glance how the device turns on.

This device comes with so many distinct and intriguing features that makes it stand out.

  • Hidden Power button that is cleverly located under the mouthpiece, so you need to remove the mouthpiece to switch the unit on.
  • 'Hole-free' chamber screen but have ridges on the sides for air to pass through.
  • A V-shape light indicator lets the user know what heat setting the device is on when in use.
  • Auto cooling mechanism where the device goes into standby mode, when there’s no movement.
  • Motion sense technology makes the device recognizing movements, so it goes back to heating when someone moves it and this feature also allows user to shake the device to display the battery life.
  • A unique battery charging setup that uses a magnetic charging dock which connects to two (2) charging lids located at the back of the device that makes the Crave Vaporizers in lying position when charging.

Following the pen-style design in a brushed anodized aluminum housing, the Crave Vapes are lightweight and ultra compact making it a great on the go vape.

And with its quick heating technology, a simplified and optimized three (3) temperature levels, it comes handy for short vape breaks and hectic schedules to get that kick to keep you going.

It is also easy to load with its herb chamber located at the bottom of the unit with a magnetic lid to keep it tightly sealed. With the chamber opposite the mouthpiece it provides a longer vapor path for a cooler vapor.

So if you are looking for something new, unique and affordable that delivers quality vapor production, the Crave Vapes are definitely great choices. It also makes a good addition to your collection of portable vapes.

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