Leading the way in pen style portable vaporizing, the CloudV Dry Herb Portable Vaporizers are popularly known for ergonomic designs and ease of use.

Made by CloudV, a vaporizer company based in Southern California, Cloud Vapes are perfect for people who have modern lifestyles whether seasoned vapers or just starting out. CloudV vaporizers come in a discreet pen style designs that makes it easy to slip into the pocket.
They are available in a variety of brilliant colours to suit different personalities.

CloudV was the first to produce a self loading mini vaporizer and from then on it hasn’t stopped to revolutionise technology to provide high quality portable vapes. Called as the “King of Portable Vapes”, CloudV products have been recognized for Best Product Category

So if you are looking for something discreet, small, easy to use but chic enough to take with you anywhere, anytime, check out the CloudV Dry Herb Portable Vaporizers.

Let’s start off with CloudV Phantom Mini, the smallest in the CloudV product range at 17mm diameter and 134mm height. Easy to operate with its single multi function button that makes it convenient for a short vape break and get that limited kick, but enough to get you through.

The CloudV Phantom Premium on the other hand offers three (3) optimized temperature settings giving you more freedom to suit your preference. The Phantom Premium offers the same single button operation as the Mini for easy use. You have eight (8) beautiful finishes to choose from.

Looking like a highlighter is the Terra. This discreet ergonomic design makes the Terra a cool vaping buddy. It comes with two (2) optimised heat levels that allows you to experience big clouds.

A smaller model than the Terra is the Cloud Galaxy. Its standout feature is the adjustable precise temperature control and a L.E.D display that shows the current heating temperature in Fahrenheit.

Now, shining above all the rest of the CloudV vapes is the Diamond. Its chic and sleek design makes it a perfect choice for the stylish vaper. Allows you more control with the adjustable temperature setting. It also comes with LCD display and you can switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice versa. Lastly, its magnetic lid keeps the cover cap in place.

That’s not all, to save you money we have bundled up the Mini and the Premium with glass globe attachments. The glass globe enhances your vaping experience with its cooling effect as vapor passes through the glass. It’s also a great alternative to the regular plastic mouthpiece!

There you have it, our CloudV Dry Herb Portable Vaporizers. All of these come with USB charger to power up either through your computer or from the mains power.

Take your pick below and enjoy the Cloud.

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