The Arizer vaporizer range offers both desktop and portable devices to cater to every vaporizing needs from beginner to enthusiast.

Known for high quality vaporizers without the high price tag, Arizer products are made to top manufacturing standard in Canada. The quality of the Arizer products is demonstrated by their lifetime warranty on the ceramic heating elements of all their vaporizers. 

All designed for vaping satisfaction, you can never go wrong choosing any of the Arizer products.

The Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer is newly re-designed and re-engineered to meet the demanding and the discriminating vape enthusiast. With its elegant chrome finish, it is made of dual wall stainless steel housing that makes it durable while it also keeps the exterior cool to the touch when in use.

It comes with glass elements to deliver a cool, flavorful, smooth vapor sensation. Use it with either whip or balloon function for a versatile vapor delivery to suit your personal vaping style.
And most of all and first of its kind is the remote control feature, that gives you full control of the device at a distance. That’s convenience at your fingertips.

But not to be left behind is Arizer’s original desktop vaporizer, the V-Tower whip vaporizer. Made with optimized heating system with its large ceramic heating element, it effectively vaporizes your material with a precise temperature control. Designed for easy use and maintenance, the V-Tower is great for anyone looking for a straightforward, reliable but effective desktop vaporizer without breaking the wallet that will last you a long time.

In the portable space, Arizer Solo has become a popular choice since its release in 2011. Loved for its reliability in consistently producing smooth, tasteful and powerful vapor in a portable structure. It comes with a longer lasting battery with a use while charging feature, and with glass mouthpieces, that may slightly vary due to being custom and hand made. Available in Black or Silver finish.

And the latest innovation from Arizer is the Air portable vaporizer. Ultra compact with high-tech features, perfect if you are often out and about.
With five (5) preset heat temperatures, the Air delivers a light smooth vapor or a thick powerful one depending on the heat level you choose.
The replaceable battery feature allows you to carry a spare battery, so no downtime at anytime even when out and about. Also comes with glass mouthpieces, same as its bigger brother, the Arizer Solo.

Do you have both the Solo and Air, awesome! You can easily swap the mouthpieces and enjoy your draw using a longer curved or straight stem or a shorter 60mm or 70mm glass tube with or without a mouthpiece tip.

To sum it all up, the Arizer products are high quality vaporizers using only the finest components to effectively vaporize and bring out the best of your favorite materials. Making it a great choice whether you are looking for a desktop or a portable vaporizer.       

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