Ald Amaze

Ald Amaze is a team of passionate individuals, who believe in the positive change that vaping brings into anyone’s lifestyle.

Based in California, research and development is a top priority of Ald Amaze, to deliver the most advanced vaporizers with safety features and with affordability in mind.

Along with suggestions and feedback from customers, and the team’s creative and innovative mind, comes an affordable high tech portable vaporizer, packed with practical functionalities and extra convenient features.

The Ald Amaze WOW portable vaporizer is a high performing, reliable portable device, made with a lot of cool features to make vaping more relaxing and satisfying.

To start with, the WOW comes with a clear 0.96” digital display screen, showing the following:

  • Set and actual temperatures both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, so no need to switch.

  • The number of puffs, which is a handy feature especially if you want to keep track of your usage.

  • Session timer, so you know where you are up to during a session.

  • Battery level

An easy operation is another plus for the WOW. It comes with three (3) buttons only.

One big middle button for the Power to turn the device ON and OFF, and the “-” and “+” buttons to set the temperature. It also comes with a Standby feature that can be activated by pressing the big button twice (2) and this will pause the heating process.

Now to bring out the great flavour of your favorite dry blend, WOW offers a wide temperature range from 180 °C (356°F) to as high as 250 °C (482°F) that can be adjusted, using the “-” and “+” buttons. And with the heating time of less than a minute, this makes the WOW portable vape a great choice for on the go vaping, or short vape breaks.

WOW is powered by a built-in Polymer lithium battery, that can last up to seven (7) sessions, and uses a Magnetic charging port with a USB end, that allows you to plug it into any USB outlet including your computer.

Besides the main awesome attribute of a great portable vape, WOW offers extra features to make vaping hassle free and more convenient:

  • A mouthpiece with dual housing, that helps cool down the vapor.

  • Magnetic oven lid with a built-in filter to keep a clean vapor.

  • An extra deep ceramic bowl allows an even heat distribution.

  • With multiple air holes on the side for proper airflow.

  • And a Dosing Capsule that you can use to load the vape with your dry blend, instead of loading the chamber directly. You can also load it ahead for later use.

So are you ready to experience that WOW vape feeling? Grab your Ald Amaze WOW portable vaporizer now and enjoy FREE Shipping.

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