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Be healthy, live healthy!

VapeFuse is super excited to offer you these amazingly nutritious products that are highly popular in the US and Europe for being high in plant-based protein, healthy fatty acids and fibre.

These products are great for vegan or vegetarian, as well as anybody aiming to live a healthy lifestyle. All of these are made locally here in Australia to keep the freshness and goodness. And we are proud to say that these are all 100% Australian Certified Organic.

No heat or additives are used during the process to ensure the products retain their goodness and you get to enjoy the nutritious benefits they offer from every pack, can or bottle.

You can choose from:

All products come from the versatile Hemp Plant, that has been used for ages for the many material value it offers. From building houses, clothes to food just to name a few.

The food value of Hemp plant comes from the Hemp Seeds it produces. Hemp seeds are extremely nutritious with the huge quantity of vital nutrients it provides the body. From essential amino acids, protein, fatty acids in the right proportion (Omega 3 and Omega 6) to fibre, vitamins and minerals. All these nutrient values make Hemp seeds a superfood that contributes to overall health.

Consumption in as little as a few spoonfuls will provide your body:

  • 2000mg of Omega 3 per spoonful
  • 6400mg of complete protein per spoonful
  • Fibre and antioxidants
  • Important vitamins and minerals

These help build a strong immune system, reduces inflammation and promotes healthy digestion by removing toxins from the colon.
It also contains vitamins like Vit A, B1, B2, B3, B6, D and E that helps counteract ageing. Not to be disregarded the mineral content of Hemp Seeds such as zinc, iron and magnesium that help the body carry out its functions properly.

Incorporating these hemp food products into your daily diet or regimen is a sure winner for a naturally healthy you. Hemp Seeds have a mild nutty taste and can be consumed raw or dry toast. Out of Hemp Seeds come Hemp Oil, Hemp Flour and Hemp Protein which are also easily sprinkle or mix with your favourite treats or food.

And with the perfect balance of nutrients, Hemp Seeds extracts are also added to many skincare and cosmetic products including the Hemp Soap we have in store. Hemp Soap comes from Hemp Milk (extracted from Hemp Seeds) that suits every skin type for smoother, softer skin.

Now don’t just take our word for it! It’s your turn to experience the healthy goodness Hemp products have to offer.
Check them out below...


**Hemp foods are not permitted for human consumption in Australia under laws regulated by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.) Standard 1.4.4 – Prohibited and Restricted Plants and Fungi in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code).**

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