Water Bubblers

Just like eating, we have preferences on how we want certain food, especially if its our favourite to taste like when we take a bite. A good example is the number one comfort food for the sweet tooth - chocolate.

Some prefer it black, others want it milky, while many like it with nuts and other additives to make the experience more gratifying that will leave you yearning for more.

The same logic applies to vaping. Although vaporizing itself is a relaxing activity, vapers have their own requirements and expectations on the level of hit or relaxation that can satisfy them upon inhaling the vapor.

Vapor sensation can vary among portable vaporizers as they are made by different makers that use varying technology.

If you are new to vaping, choosing the right vaporizer can be a daunting experience as you would want to make sure you are transitioning in a smooth manner.

You wouldn’t want to switch a well-loved habit to an alternative option that will make you cough every time you take a draw, right? Therefore you do research and check reviews. But that may also lead to confusion.

So, to help you in achieving that smooth transition, we have made the process easy for you by coming a page of selected devices that will truly make vaping smoother and soothing for you to start your journey - Vaporizers with Aqua Bubblers.

Aqua Bubblers are glass water tools that sit on top of the vaporizer’s chamber and acts like water filtration system. How it works is very simple. It is filled with water, then put on top of the vaporizer and it is ready for you to take a draw.

When you start inhaling from the tip of the bubbler, vapor produced from the chamber passes through the water filled bubbler and voila! The vapor cools down and gets moisten so when it reaches your mouth, you get a very smooth vapor that is soothing to the throat down into your lungs.

What you get is a cool, totally relaxed vaping experience!

Adding an Aqua Bubbler to a vaporizer is a perfect accessory that will minimize the temperature and vapor dryness.

These beautifully hand-crafted glass tools come in different elegant styles and are easy to clean. They are available for the following portable vaporizers:

Want to give them a try? Check them out below.

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